Rebirthing Retreats

5 Day Rebirthing Breathwork Retreat
12th~16th June 2023

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The 5 day Retreat

Edward is passionate about Rebirthing. It has brought about a powerful transformation not only in my live, but also to the lives of the people I am privileged to work with, in a short space of time. I am very excited to host this retreat, where we will go much deeper into what is possible in Rebirthing.

Each day will focus on a different core life issue.

I provide a safe container to allow deep transformation, with daily Rebirthing sessions, theoretical teachings & many practical exercises to take you into a more transformational journey.

Each day will consist of different topics covering core themes, and we will practice a breathwork session on each:

Day 1) What is your core story/issue/ belief

Most people will have an unresolved core issue that runs as an undercurrent in their lives. Usually it goes unseen because we have learned to ‘manage’ it, so we get on with our lives doing our best to ignore it.  We will uncover what this is, and practice a breathwork session with the intention of releasing it.

Day 2) Healing the Inner Child

Most of us have experienced some trauma as a child, when we were too young to deal with it.  So to cope with the trauma, we repressed the emotions and in doing so caused a small part of ourselves to become lost or buried.   This is the opportunity to reconnect with this part, to acknowledge and welcome it home.

Day 3) The Chakras

This day will be about the function and purpose of the chakras. How we can improve our daily life when we purify, balance & connect with these levels of consciousness within us. The process of Breathwork can bring rapid changes in clearing and opening one’s Chakras, to a significantly deeper level.

Day 4) Sexuality

Sexuality is a vital aspect of most people’s lives and is where all creation originates.  From a tantric standpoint, we want to be fully aware of our needs, and embrace all our emotions in order to connect with our divine nature and realise our wholeness. So often, our sexuality does not function as well as most would like.  Firstly, we will look at releasing old blockages and negative beliefs.  Then we will go onto exploring how we can bring a powerful energy flow into our sexual experience, thereby elevating it to a spiritual experience.

Day 5)  Enlightenment,  Who are you…. really!

Most of us have a strong sense of Identity (or ‘I’ entity). We see ourselves as living in this body, looking through these eyes, but do we ever really question WHO or what we really are?  Beyond the thoughts & emotions passing through us, what is at the very core of our being.  We will explore the depths of this question.

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